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Tip for December

Windows 8 - How to survive without your start menu.

You have a fresh new copy of Windows 8 on your computer. How do you access all of your programs without the old Start Menu?

You have a few choices open to you.

The "All Apps" Window

  • Through the Apps Bar.

    App Bar

    While on the Start Screen, right click or tap (if you have a touch screen) at the bottom of the screen until the App Bar appears. Click or touch on the All Apps button.

    The keyboard shortcut Windows Key ( Windows Key) + Z will also open the Apps Bar.

  • Going directly to All Apps.

    All Apps Window

    Pressing the Windows Key (Windows Key) + Q will also open the All Apps screen. On a side note, getting to know and use Windows shortcut keys will help you greatly if you are using Windows 8 without a touch screen.  Google “Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts” for a list of essentials.

  • Searching for Apps.

    All Apps

    The easiest way to open an app from the Start Screen is to just start typing the name of the application you want to use. From the Start Screen I began typing “Word” and immediately the Apps search page popped open for me. On the left you see all choices for “Word” listed. I have an option to open either MS Word or WordPad on my PC.

Once you become used to Windows 8 you will discover that seeing all your applications on one screen is far superior than the old way.

Embrace the change!


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