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Printer Setup

Printer Setup - Computer Repair Force of Great Neck, New York

If you want to connect a printer to your computer or network, then you need a PRINTER SETUP.

A Printer Setup includes:

  • Connecting the Printer to a Computer or Network
  • Installing the Printer Software
  • Configuring the Printer for Preferred Functionality

Connecting Printer to Computer or Network

We specialize in install in ink jet and laser printers to your computer or network through USB or standard Serial Ports.

Many printers requires a separate power supply (separate cord to plug in), so it is important to setup your printer, your computer - as well as other devices - with a surge protector to guard against damaging your hardware.

As far as networking, you printer must be properly shared over your network and each computer or laptop must be allowed to "see" your printer in order to use.

Installing Printer Software

Printers run off instructions given by "printer software" that comes with the device. However, many time this software can install many unnecessary programs that can take up space, or (worst case) low down your computer.

We've experience to know what's needed for your computer and what's unnecessary.

Also, there may be updated software we can find for your printer to make sure your device is running at peek performance right out of the box.

Printer Configuration

Depending on the age and type of printer you'd like us to setup, your printer may need to be aligned and tested for proper darkness and color - ink cartridges and printer toner issues.

We also test your printer's mechanical functionality to determine if your hardware is work (if an older printer), software is outdated or incompatible with your existing operating system (again if an older printer), or if your printer needs to be returned to the manufacturer (if a new printer).

*Our prices are fair and our expertise is second to none, as we strive to become the best local computer business in areas Great Neck, Long Island, and NYC. So if your home or business has major or minor computer problems, we can help.

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