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Restore Computer to Factory (w/ Backup)

Factory Computer Restoration and Back Up

If your computer Operating System has been severely corrupted then you need our FACTORY RESTORATION w/ BACKUP package.

A Computer Factory Restoration w/Backup includes:

  • Backing up all data
  • Formatting the Hard Drive for a Clean Reinstall
  • Reinstalling the Operating System
  • Restoring all Data and Drivers
  • Installing Java, Adobe Reader, Flash Viewer
  • Reinstalling your Purchased Software

Data Backup

Prior to any factory restoration of your computer or laptop, it is vital that we backup all your existing data for data recovery.

Please see Data Backup for details of this process.

IMPORTANT: For those who allow your computer to auto-store your multiple user names and password data, please record your important logins and passwords prior to Computer Repair Force receiving your machine.

Personal data like this isn't normally stored in backups (for security purposes).

Formatting Hard Drive

We build a list of software you've installed on your computer through your program list.

To format your system's hard drive is to perform a complete "wipe" of your entire computer. Everything is cleared; programs, software, files, even operating system are all deleted.

Your computer is completely bare, nothing but instructions to run its motherboard exists on your machine.

Reinstall Factory Operating System

Next, we reinstall the original operating system that existed on your machine prior to formatting your hard drive.

Restoring Drivers

Your computer monitor, sound card, printer, keyboard, mouse, and all peripheral devices all use drivers to translate their instructions into computer language so your system can understand to operate those devices.

Install Java, Adobe Reader, Flash Viewer

Then, we install Java, Adobe Reader, and all shockwave and flash programs to your computer to return your machine's dynamic software environment.

Reinstalling Your Purchased Software

Finally we reinstall all your purchased software and restore your personal and business data.

IMPORTANT: You must provide us with all CDs of your software you've installed manually, and a list of important software you've install would also help. Any other software you've purchased and downloaded from the web will be reinstalled by us through internet connection prior to returning your machine.

*Our prices are fair and our expertise is second to none, as we strive to become the best local computer business in areas Great Neck, Long Island, and NYC. So if your home or business has major or minor computer problems, we can help.

Conveniently located near all New York metropolitan areas including: Long Island, NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn and local to Roslyn, Manhasset, Little Neck, Bayside & Glen Cove.

Call us now at 516.472.0500 to schedule an appointment (local only).

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