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iphone Repair New York
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Computer Repair for Great Neck & Long Island, New York (NY)

We'll fix all of your computer and laptop problems.

We provide laptop and desktop repair services for Long Island and the entire New York metropolitan area, including: NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Northern New Jersey.

Take a moment to visit our PC & Mac repair services page for more info about which solution you need for your desktop or laptop service. Afterwards, visit our computer repair prices page for a brief rundown of flat rates and hourly fees.

Times are changing. The old desktop PC is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Even laptop designs are changing. Old bulky laptops have been replaced by Ultrabooks. There are a bevy of new products out there for you to sample. Tablet computing has been widely embraced by both young and old. Smartphones keep you connected while you are on the move.

The problem most people encounter with increased mobility while computing is the greater chance of damaging your equipment.

  • Dropped laptops can damage your hard drive or break your screen.
  • Tripping over an adapter cord can damage your laptop's power jack.
  • Dropping your phone or tablet can crack screens and glass.
  • Use any of these devices around the pool or at the beach and you may have a problem with water damage.

At Computer Repair Force we can repair the damage activities cause to your devices. In most cases you can have your computer or phone back the same or next day. We also have a retail location where you can pick up all the extra cables and connectors you need to keep yourself on the go.

Do you have unwanted visitors, neighbors or strangers accessing your router? If you do not have your router secured your data could be open to anyone. If a stranger logs on to your unsecured router they can illegally download music, movies or worse from your Wi-Fi. Fighting those charges could be a massive time consuming headache for you. Call Computer Repair Force and have a trained repair technician check that you have a protected wireless connection in your home or to set one up. Mac, Windows, Android, we can work with them all.

Is your hard drive clicking or malfunctioning? Bring it in to us and we will do a comprehensive hard drive test to see if it is still functional. If it can be read we will remove all your precious data and back it up. We can also install a new hard drive into your system, reinstall your operating system and documents, pictures and music and have you up and running again.

We have routers, access points, cables and adapters in our Great Neck store. Need a new wireless mouse, keyboard or headphones for chat? We have them.

Visit Computer Repair Force for all your computer needs. We have cables mice, keyboards, routers, hubs, surge protectors, audio devices, drives, memory and more right here in our store. Come by and visit our new location and drop off your computer for repair. Many jobs can be completed same or next day. We are located one block from the Great Neck Railroad and bus station, perfect for bringing in your laptop on your way to work and picking it up on your way home.

At Computer Repair Force we also look at providing iphone and ipad repair services. There are seven generations of iPhone models, each accompanied by one of the six major releases of iOS and we could get all the models repaired.

We provide following services for Ipad repair Damaged or cracked LCD Display. We use Original quality screens with most screen repairs done the same day.

Unresponsive touchscreen.

Power Issues (no power, device not charging, not starting up, etc).

Software issues if any.

Which Computer Repair Option is best for you?

Feel free to bring us your desktop or laptop, contact us to fix Mac & PC problems remotely, or we'll repair your computer at your home. We recognize the importance of your convenience.

Our prices are fair and our expertise is second to none, as we strive to become the best local computer business in our area. So if your home or business has major (or minor) computer problems, we can help.

Computer Repair New York | Computer Repair Services Long Island | Computer Repair Nassau County

- Fast Service - Your problems will be solved same day or next day.
- Outstanding Warranty - All work is guaranteed for at least 1 full year!
- Trusted Technicians - Our local techs are reliable, honest and confidential.
- Comprehensive Solutions - No problems are too big, too small, or too difficult.
- No Stress - We quickly diagnose your problems and offer sensible solutions.

Our goal is your peace of mind.

Pick Up, Delivery & Set Up Service Available
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